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State of Indiana Grants, Scholarships, and Stipends

News of scholarships available to teacher candidates is sent out via the Newby Hall Newsletter sent each Monday when classes are in session.  The State of Indiana has several very worthwhile scholarships for future teachers - go to

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The Spicer Phillips Scholarship for Diverse Teaching

The Spicer Phillips Scholarship and Grant Fund is a gifted endowment that can provide financial assistance for Hanover College students in their quest to become educators.  All upcoming Student Teachers should complete the application by the end of their junior year. The Spicer Phillips funds can be requested for the following:

  • cover the cost of TB tests for students with field work in the Madison Juvenile Detention Facility
  • pay the fees for the CASA exams (one time) for entrance into the Teacher Education Program (financial need based)
  • pay the cost of CORE exams (one time) for Indiana licensing (financial need based) if taken PRIOR TO graduation. 

    For questions, please contact Dr. Dustin Bailey at or Mrs. Cheryl Torline at

Click to download a Spicer Phillips Scholarship Application

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The Mount Scholarship

The Mount family has been wonderful and generous benefactors of the Hanover Education Program. In addition to the building, furniture, and technology upgrades in Newby Hall financed by the late Don Mount '50 (in memory of his wife, Fern), the Mounts also endowed a scholarship for future teachers at Hanover College.  Please inquire about this via the Financial Aid Office. These are gifts that will keep giving for generations to come and we are proud to honor this fine gentleman's memory with a plaque and portrait in Newby Hall.  Mr. Mount was injured in WWII and attended Hanover College afterward. He never forgot the kindness of the people who made it possible for him to get a degree and a successful career  after Hanover.

Don Mount '50 and Sue DeWine read inscription on placque in Newby Hall The late Mr. Donald Mount '50 is pictured above shaking hands with former President, Dr. Sue DeWine on September 6, 2012 when Hanover College dedicated the Technology Lab and Model Classroom from his gift. Mount chose the education building because many of Fern Mount's family were teachers and continue to become teachers today.

Other Scholarships for Future Teachers

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