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Educator Preparation Program

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2020-2021 Hanover College Educator Preparation Program Handbook

Major and Minor Declaration Forms for Education Candidates

Elementary Education Major Declaration Form

Minor Declaration Form (required for Elementary Education Certification if not completing Mild Interventions)

Elementary Major Declaration Form with Mild Intervention Dual Certification

Secondary Education Major Declaration Form

Mild Intervention Form for Secondary Candidates

The deadline for declaring a major is late February of the sophomore year.

Secondary candidates declare a major in their teaching content area and make sure to check the Teacher Certification box.  Those who desire the (optional) Secondary Education major will declare that as a second major. The Secondary Education Mild Interventions Course Form is not filed with the Registrar's Office, but completed with your Education Advisor. The Secondary Education Major may not be declared until admission to the Educator Preparation Program via TEC.

All elementary education majors must have a minor declared unless they are completing the Mild Interventions Dual Certification program.  Elementary Education may not be declared as a major until formal admission to the Educator Preparation Program is granted by the Teacher Education Committee (TEC). Students who have not yet gained  admission may need to declare an alternate  major until they achieve admission to the Education Preparation Program and then change their major to Elementary Education (with or without Mild Interventions).

The best source of information is an Education Department faculty member - we strongly recommend that students request a Change of Advisor if they do not have an Education professor advising them. This form is found on My Hanover and filed with the Registrar's Office and can be completed at any time- even prior to admission!  Make an appointment with any of the Education professors or with the Education Student Services Coordinator any time you need advice! We are here for you.