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Educator Preparation Program

Welcome to the Hanover College Education Preparation Program!


Why preparing to be a teacher at Hanover College means learning to be the kind

of teacher that really makes a difference for students! 

 Welcome to the site for the Hanover College Education Department/Educator Preparation Program - where a community of teachers and learners prepare committed, competent, culturally responsive, and critically reflective new teachers. Classroom experience. Off-campus opportunities. Eye-opening challenges. Dedicated and knowledgeable faculty and staff.   The Hanover College Education Department works in collaboration with many professionals in the field to ensure that our program completers are strong candidates for the jobs they seek. Teacher candidates from Hanover are not only specialists in their content areas, but well-prepared by their liberal arts  background to be critical thinkers with excellent writing and speaking skills.  We invite you to see why teachers from Hanover College are considered to be some of the most effective at the thing they are passionate about...making a difference in students' lives!