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Educator Preparation Program

Welcome to the Hanover College Education Preparation Program!


 Welcome to the site for the Hanover College Education Department/Educator Preparation Program - where a community of teachers and learners prepare committed, competent, culturally responsive, and critically reflective new teachers. Classroom experience. Off-campus opportunities. Eye-opening challenges. Dedicated and knowledgeable faculty and staff.   The Hanover College Education Department works in collaboration with many professionals in the field to ensure that our program completers are strong candidates for the jobs they seek. Teacher candidates from Hanover are not only specialists in their content areas, but well-prepared by their liberal arts  background to be critical thinkers with excellent writing and speaking skills.  We invite you to see why teachers from Hanover College are considered to be some of the most effective at the thing they are passionate about...making a difference in students' lives!

Special Statement on the Covid 19 Pandemic: Effect on Clinical Experiences for Education Courses

With the strict distancing and safety requirements of our partner schools, only student teachers (seniors) will have face to face clinical experiences this academic year. The EPP has made plans for alternative clinical experiences which will be outlined in course syllabi and further explained by the course instructor. While field work will look different this year, the Education Department remains devoted to providing high quality teacher preparation to meet the needs of each of our students. Background checks will still be required for these alternative experiences. https://education.hanover.edu/about/background.php
Candidates in Methods courses and Student Teaching courses are also still required to hold NEA membership to cover liability issues. https://education.hanover.edu/about/isea.php

Student teachers will follow the absence rules outlined in the Student Teaching Handbook. Communication with the clinical educator and faculty supervisor is crucial to ensure the student teacher meets the minimum required by the Indiana Department of Education for certification and licensing. The best interests of the candidate will be of the utmost in importance and the EPP will work with the individual student teacher regarding their specific situation during this unprecedented time.Any student who fails to meet these requirements will not be allowed to participate in clinical experience which will affect the course grade. Please contact the course instructor if you have questions regarding the requirements. All Education students are also required to hold a valid subscription for Standard for Success as outlined in Appendix G of this program handbook.Hanover College Educator Preparation Program Confirmation Form is available here:https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=0CEjO8P_BEq2-lZ7m8qKIs0z1H1I_5tMkB_h3H0v1ABUMThYVDQzS0o5RjBFOFNQUjEyU1VMUlUxUi4u