Educator Preparation Program

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JCPS (Louisville) still has a lot of classroom teacher openings...

 Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) Louisville KY has a number of positions for which they are seeking additional applicants. JCPS does have transition incentives available. Depending on the distance to relocate, a new hire may receive up to $4,000. We have the following openings:

·         35 Special Education

·         10 Elementary School

·         6 Middle and/or High School English Language Arts

·         28 Middle and/or High School Math

·         16 Middle and/or High School Science

·         12 Middle and/or High School Social Studies

·         10 Early Childhood

·         3 Art

·         1 Music

·         9 Career Technical

·         2 Health/PE

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply at:

Much of our students' job interview preparation will come during your senior seminar for elementary and secondary majors.  Secondary certification-only candidates can request a personal meeting with the faculty as well as utilize the Levett Career Center for mock interviews and resume advice.  Professor Roth has some great teacher specific documents to assist as well.