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Educator Preparation Program

ETS Praxis Exams

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Praxis 1 Program Admission Exams

The Hanover College Educator Preparation Program requires specific entrance exam scores of either ACT or SAT or ETS Praxis CORE Basic Skills for Educators. These are required for Reading and Mathematics (exams can be "mixed and matched". For the Praxis Core exams, please note the following:

When registering for the Praxis CORE, do not register by state requirements - but by EPP requirements and the test number.

Students may choose to take all three exams at once in the combined Praxis Core Exam for $150 (all exams given in one 300 minute sitting.

  • Praxis Core Combination basic skills exam (Test number 5752) *may simply skip writing part of exam

Students may choose to take each of the exams individually or may only need one or two exams, based on previous  ACT/SAT scores.

  • Praxis Core Reading Skills exam (test number 5713)
  • Praxis Core Mathematics Skills exam (test number 5733)

One-time reimbursement of Praxis 1 Admission exam costs may be available through the Spicer Phillips Endowment (see Scholarships tab on left)

Much more information is available under the PROSPECTIVE TEACHER CANDIDATES TAB above including study tools, etc. 

Praxis 2 Licensure Exams

Indiana transitioned to ETS Praxis exams for teacher licensure on September 1, 2021.  Please check the Educator Licensing tab above for more information and for study tools.

All applicants need the appropriate pedagogy AND their content area exams for licensing with Mild Interventions dual completers also needing the Mild Intervention Exam :

Praxis 2 Developmental/Pedagogy Tests

  • Elementary K-6 "Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades K-6 (5622)
  • Secondary "Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades 5-12 (5624)
  • All Grade "Principles of Learning and Teaching: PreK -12 (5625) *REQUIRED FOR MILD INTERVENTIONS LICENSING AND P-12 SUBJECTS
    Praxis 2 Content Area Tests
  • Elementary Generalist Combination Exam (5006)
    Humanities "Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies" (5007
    Elementary Generalist STEM "Mathematics and Science" (5008) 
  • Art: Content Knowledge (5134)
  • English Language Arts: Content Knowledge (5038)
  • Health Education (5551)
  • Mathematics (5165)
  • Physical Education: Content Knowledge (5091)
  • Science - Chemistry: Content Knowledge (5245)
  • Science - Earth and Space Science: Content Knowledge (5571)
  • Science - Biology: Content Knowledge (5235)
  • Science - Physics: Content Knowledge (5265)
  • Social Studies - Economics (5911)
  • Social Studies - Government/Political Science (5931)
  • Social Studies - World and US History: Content Knowledge (5941)
  • Social Studies - Psychology (5391)
  • Social Studies - Sociology (5952)
  • Special Education: Core Knowledge and Mild to Moderate Applications (5543)
  • Theatre (5641)
  • World Language: French (5174)
  • World Language: German (5183)
  • World Language: Spanish (5195)

One-time reimbursement of Praxis 2 licensure exam costs may be available through the Spicer Phillips Endowment (see Scholarships tab on left)