Educator Preparation Program

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Congratulations to our 2018 Educator Preparation Program Completers and Hanover College Graduates!!

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Joselyn (Makamae) Evans-Bautista, Allyson Howard, Allison Brooks, Thomas Doering, Stephanie Ziebell

Baylee Roach, MaCayla Smallwood, Katherine Workman, Jordan McHenry

Zachary Bosell, Autum Kimla, Amanda Mousa

Professor Dava Roth, Keeli Stewart, Peyton Spaugh, Hannah McElroy, Katie Hedge, Dr. Deborah Hanson, Ms. Cheryl Torline

Dr. Dustin Bailey, Natalie Williamson, Alisha West, Madison Grimes, Bridgette Farmer

Not present for the photo: Antoine Baldon, Joseph DeLeo, Bailey Garey, Layne Harnishfeger

2018 EPP Senior Send Off

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2018 Hanover College Educator Induction Ceremony 

For additional photos from our 2018 Educator Induction Ceremony, go to Educator Induction 18 album

seniorsSenior Program Completers receive certificates of completion and Hanover College Educator professional pins at the awards ceremony on April 5, 2018

Pictured left to right above are: Dr. Debbie Hanson, Prof. Dava Roth, Katie Hedge, Thomas Doering, Ally Howard, Katie Workman, Allie Brooks, Autum Kimla, Jordan McHenry, Joselyn Evans-Bautista, Hannah McElroy, Peyton Spaugh, Keeli Stewart, MaCayla Smallwood, Amanda Mousa, and Dr. Dustin Bailey.  Not pictured are program completers Antoine Baldon, Zach Bosell, Phoenix Chavez, Adam Comer, Joe DeLeo, Brigitte Farmer, Bailey Garey, Madison Grimes, Baylee Roach, and Alisha West.

admitted students

Newly Admitted Students Welcomed to the Educator Preparation Program as Part of  Educator Induction Ceremony

Rebekah Thorpe, Emma Boomershine, Cambria Jones, Brooke Todd, Kaleb Grabert, Morgan West, Fina-Mariah Ruiz, Cecily Girton, and Trina Steiden proudly pose with their new classroom name badges. Others admitted but unable to attend are Abby Howes, Lauren Lester, Lizzie Matchett, Wezi Mulamba, and Jake Sipes-Salter.

judy white

Judy Switzer White '82 Named as Hanover College Exceptional Educator of the Year for 2018 during Educator Induction Ceremony This Year

Our 2018 Exceptional Educator of the Year is Mrs. Judy White who graduated from Hanover in 1982 and received her Master's degree from Indiana University. Judy began her career at Batesville and then came to back to Hanover to teach at Southwestern Elementary. Mrs. White taught second grade for 20 years before taking over the Music program for the last 15 years.  Judy exemplifies the selfless attitude of exceptional educators by presenting two music programs a year each for Kindergarten to fifth grade, requiring hours of planning and despite oftentimes paying for the materials herself to have Christmas and Spring programs for her students.  She has remarked that music class may be the high point of the day for some children and and can be the switch that turns on the light for their education.  Mrs. White follows in the steps of both parents who were also teachers and is a member of the PTA and ISTA. She has participated in many additional efforts like after- school tutoring programs for struggling students. Judy has been an active member of the Hanover College Education Advisory Board for more than 12 years, as well as serving as an adjunct instructor teaching "Focus on the Arts" for Hanover elementary education students. The Educator Preparation Program faculty and staff are proud to honor Judy White as our Exception Educator for 2018.

Exploring Education in the United Kingdom - Spring Term 2018

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collage of photos from UK 2018

2017 Cohort2017 Educator Preparation Program Graduates Hanover College Class of 2017

Gunnar Ranard, Gavin Alexander, Anna Cornacchione, Kevin Scholz

Kimberly Litchfield, Morgan Werner, Miriam Cahill, Katie Schmidt, Courtney Tierney

Dr. Dustin Bailey, Adam Comer, Brennan Pool, Ashley Emily, Nora Stacy, Caitlin Norman, Hannah Buit Shepherd, Reagan Hunt

Professor Dava Roth, Dr. Debbie Hanson, Mrs. Cheryl Torline

2016 Education Cohort