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Educator Preparation Program

The Educator Preparation Program at Hanover College

Our students are our best testimonials!  Please watch the video above featuring our class of 2017 and class of 2018 graduates for a look into teacher preparation at Hanover College!!


Knowledgeable, dedicated, caring professors and rigorous academic standards...

Hanover's Educator Preparation Program is accredited by the State of Indiana and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Our programs have endorsement by Specialty Professional Association (SPAs). This means that our students are ensured that they are learning best practices in Education as recognized all over the country.  All our faculty members have teaching licenses and real classroom experience along with their doctoral degrees.  They are members of numerous professional organizations pertaining to their specialty and have authored academic papers and presented at research conferences. Our Student Services Coordinator/Licensing Advisor has nearly 16 years of experience in our educator preparation program, as well as previous work experience in elementary and secondary public and private schools.  

Hanover College Education Program Decision Points

Our Programs are all oriented around three Decision Points that are met toward readiness for certification.  

Decision Point One - formal admission into the program by meeting state and institutional requirements and enrollment in upper level (methods) coursework. See APPLYING under the Prospective Candidates tab.

Decision Point Two - readiness for a student teaching assignment including major and career GPA of 2.67+

Decision Point Three - competency for certification and professional licensing as an educator

Candidates may be dropped from the Program at any time with formal notice for not making acceptable progress toward completion or GPA issues, as well as issues of conduct and teacher disposition difficulties, but our faculty works extremely hard  to ensure success for our teacher candidates.  

The full Decision Point outline is available under the Resources page and within our EPP Student Handbook via the links at left. Information on Standard for Success is available on our Resources and Documents page https://education.hanover.edu/resources/success.php

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