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Educator Preparation Program

Clinical Educator/Mentor Teacher Resources and Links

Thank you to all of our Clinical Educators/Mentoring Teachers for the work you do with our aspiring educators! Certainly, your role in our Educator Preparation Program is a very important one. You will be guiding and having an impact on the next generation of teachers! On this page are are many of the resources for your role, but please don't hesitate to contact the course instructor/faculty supervisor or the Education Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns. 

Please note! 

All rubrics will be score/completed in Standard for Success. Clinical Educators will receive an invitation to score the rubric via email. See the following links for assistance.

Standard For Success Instructions for Mentor Teachers - document

How To Video for Completing the Student Teacher Evaluation in Standard for Success via You Tube

Clinical Educator Training and Forms

Clinical Educators serving as mentors will receive a stipend and Professional Growth Points (PGPs) after submission of all required documentation and rubrics.

Junior Methods Courses

EDU 302/305, EDU 303/308, EDU 340 for Elementary Education and EDU 314, 315, and 33X for Secondary and All Grade Education.

FAQ for Methods Mentors

Video Tutorial
How to Use Standard For Success to Score Methods Candidate Evaluation Rubric - COMING SOON! 

Senior Student Teaching Courses

EDU 455 - Secondary Education (Grades 5-12) Student Teaching Assignment

EDU 456 - Elementary Education (Grades K-6) Student Teaching Assignment

EDU 458 -  Mild Interventions for Elementary or Secondary or All Grade - Split Student Teaching Assignment

EDU 459 - All Grade Split Student Teaching (multiple level assignment in P-12 classrooms)

FAQ for Student Teaching Mentors

Video Tutorial
Using Standard for Success to Score the Student Teaching Candidate Evaluation Rubrics

Training Verification Form
For our accreditation purposes and data, all Clinical Educators for the above courses are required to complete the Training Verification Form after viewing the assigned training videos on our You Tube channel and meeting with the student teacher's faculty supervisor. 

Qualifications Form
Hanover College EPP is also required by CAEP to keep detailed data on the credentials and qualifications of our Clinical Educators. 

Clinical Educator Stipends and W9 Tax Form
Our clinical educators for Methods and Student Teaching courses do receive a stipend for their important work with our teacher candidates. To issue these funds our business office needs a SIGNED W9 form on file in the Business Office.

Download the W9, print it, fill it out, and SIGN the form. Scan the signed form and email to Cheryl Torline: 


Advisory Council Training for Decision Point Interviews




New video tutorials are COMING SOON!

NOTES ON Professional Growth Points from the Indiana DoE

Hanover College Educator Preparation Program awards PGP certification letters to all teacher who mentors a student in Junior Methods/Practicum or for Senior Student Teaching after ALL required documentation has been received. We also award PGP's for our Advisory Council members for attendance at meetings and other volunteer capacities such as Decision Point interviews at the rate of one PGP per one hour of assistance. Clinical Educators should contact Cheryl Torline for PGP letters at torline@hanover.edu


Professional Growth Plan Experience Documentation.pdf