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There is a little-known program in Indiana to financially support new teachers in Indiana! Freshmen and Sophomore Education students can apply to receive one of 200 (TWO HUNDRED!) grants that pays over $7,000 per year each in scholarships!!  Click the link to find out how to apply before the November 30 deadline:


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The short version is that students may apply to the Educator Preparation Program at Hanover College following taking EDU 221, but by end of the fall term of their sophomore year.  We strongly encourage any student interested in Teacher Certification to contact one of the Education Faculty members for Education advising even if you have another academic advisor assigned to you as First Year students. 

NOTE: Students cannot declare an Education major or enroll in junior level EDU courses if they have not formally been admitted by the Teacher Education Committee.  *Please see the APPLYING tab at left for information on application requirements.

While students can be admitted later, it may impact their ability to choose their student teaching assignment or even finish the program and major requirements on time, requiring an extra semester or two.  It definitely impacts the room you will have for electives and options like study abroad.  The biggest delay comes from not having the required exam scores on file.  We do have events and meetings and reminders to help so that sophomores are prepared for that November 1 deadline.

Beginning with the Class of 2021 - First year, transfers, and other pre-admission students may take the following and are encouraged to do so prior to junior year:

EDU 172  (Exploring the Arts) Requirement for Elementary Education majors who have not had EDU 171 or EDU 216. Satisfies W1 ACE and partially satisfies the LA CCR *not needed if have had EDU 171 or EDU 216

EDU 221(Education and the American Culture) Required for both secondary and elementary certifications.

Satisfies the W2 ACE

EDU 231 (Education Law and Ethics) Required for both Elementary and Secondary Education.  

Satisfies the W2 ACE. *not needed if have taken EDU 230

EDU 352 (Professional Collaboration) Required for Special Education Dual Certification - good elective for all EDU's

All higher level courses are only for teacher candidates who have met the criteria below and have applied for and have been formally admitted to the Teacher Certification Program.  This is known as Decision Point One of the Education Program. Sophomores and above may apply by November 1 of the academic year.  Circumstances can dictate late admission if necessary, but the student may have issues with course sequencing. 

Overview of Admission Requirements for Hanover's Educator Preparation Program

 The state of Indiana has set specific entry criteria for pre-service teachers in any approved Education Preparation Program (EPP).  Applicants must meet one of the following:

SAT score greater than or equal to 1100 (super scored math and verbal sections only, not writing)


ACT composite score greater than or equal to 24


CASA - Core Academic Skills Assessment

Applicants who do not have the above scores on SAT/ACT must have passing scores for each subtest of the CASA exam (Reading, Writing, Mathematics)

See http://www.in.nesinc.com/ for information and registration.

Additional Hanover College requirements include:

  • Submission of the online application form via My Hanover under the Academics tab or this link: Education Program Application Form
  • GPA of at least 2.5 (note that GPA must rise to 2.67 both in the major and overall for Decision Point Two)
  • Essay per rubric in the application
  • Two recommendations from Hanover College professors via the online application utility.  Education Department professors and Hanover faculty serving on the Teacher Education Committee (TEC) cannot recommend students for admission. (TEC for 2016-2017 is composed of Ed Hall, Ann Kirkland, Ken Prince, Dava Roth, Cheryl Torline). Academic advisors are a good choice for a recommendation and the other should be a professor that has instructed the applicant in class.
  • Decision Point One Interview with members of TEC.

Please contact one of our faculty or staff members for any questions you may have about applying to EDU!

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Dr. Dustin Bailey, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Secondary Education and Special Education

Dr. Debbie Hanson, Associate Professor Elementary Education

Professor Dava Roth, Assistant Professor of Education

Mrs.Cheryl Torline, Licensing Advisor and Department of Education Student Services Coordinator