Educator Preparation Program

Prospective Teacher Candidates


First things first, a "TEACHER CANDIDATE"  is a Hanover College education student who has been formally admitted to the Educator Preparation Program by the Teacher Education Committee (TEC). Prior to that, students interested in becoming a teacher are prospective candidates. This includes high school seniors visiting Hanover, First Years, Sophomores, or any student who has yet to be admitted.

The first thing we recommend is to take EDU 221 as soon as possible! This is our "gateway" course and is required before applying and also as a prerequisite for higher level courses. All applications should be submitted by the November 15 deadline during the Sophomore year. If you fall outside of the realm of the application requirements, please contact a member of the Education department so that they may guide you.  

Please check out the FAQ tab at the left for more information about the Hanover College Educator Preparation Program.

The Education Department faculty and staff are available to help with any questions students have! 

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Dr. Dustin Bailey, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Secondary Education and Special Education

Dr. Debbie Hanson, Associate Professor Elementary Education

Professor Dava Roth, Assistant Professor of Education

Mrs.Cheryl Torline, Licensing Advisor and Educator Preparation Program Student Services Coordinator