Educator Preparation Program


casa LOGOCandidates must document basic skills competency for admission to educator preparation programs using the following additional assessments/routes:

  • ACT® with a score of at least 24 based on Math, Reading, Grammar, and Science
  • SAT® with a score of at least 1100 based on Critical Reading and Math prior to 3/1/2016
  • SAT® with a score of at least 1170 based on Critical Reading and Math on or after 3/1/2016
  • GRE® with a score of at least 1100 based on Verbal and Quantitative prior to 8/1/11
  • GRE® with a score of at least 301 based on Verbal and Quantitative on or after 8/1/11

    Applicants who do not meet the above must pass the Indiana Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA) as an alternative qualifying exam on basic skills competency and for application to an accredited Teacher Education Program. If a student applied to Hanover under Test Optional - they will need to get a copy of their SAT or ACT if they met the above-listed score cutoffs. Otherwise these students must take the CASA exam because no scores are listed in the student records.
  • The CASA exam consists of three sub-tests in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. A score of at least a 220 in each sub-test must be attained for a passing score. Retakes are only needed for a failed subtest(s). 

    FYI - Ivy Tech campuses charge an additional fee to administer the the test. IUPUI does not charge additional fees but there is a charge for parking. Tests are available at many other locations - even out of state.
    How to register for the CASA exam - A Step by Step Guide

  • Please note that financial assistance to pay for these tests MAY be available for you! Go to the Resources Tab under financial aid or use this link:

    Alternative testing arrangements are available by application for students with a documented disability and other situations. Mrs. Torline is available to meet with students for help with this process. She has created this step by step guide to assist you with requesting accommodations for the CASA exams:  
    How to apply for Alternate Testing Arrangements for CASA.pdf

    Preparation is the key to successfully taking the CASA exam.

Students who "brush up" and study for the CASA usually do well. The ones who don't usually have to re-take one or more sections which costs money and time!  Pearson Education preparation materials are the only ones recommended by the Indiana Department of Education and the Hanover College EPP.  The cost of this has been reduced to $32.95 and the subscription is now good for 120 days and can be found at

Here is a screenshot of all the help available at this link.

CASA Prep Page Screenshot

We are now recommending that students use a new FREE tool to help them prepare for the CASA at

EdReady has several uses including preparing for the Accuplacer test which is very similar to the CASA exam.  Click link below for a tip sheet on creating a free account and using EdReady to study Reading/Writing/Mathematics. Using EdReady TIPS

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There are also several independent CASA test prep products on the market. The Hanover College Bookstore as well as Amazon and other online bookstores offer workbooks and study guides including ones by Mometrix and Trivium - we have a few in Newby Hall for you to use.

Our hands-down favorite is the flash-card study system from Mometrix for $39.99...just click the link below!

Order Mometrix Flashcards HERE!!

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These are also available via Amazon but they are $10 higher!

There is often information on the back of the cards showing you to a YouTube video to further explain how to solve the question!

you tube logoThere are many videos FREE on You Tube - just do a search for Indiana CASA Exam or click the link below!


We have also had good reviews on the Longsdale Publishing preparation course at $39.95

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