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Educator Preparation Program

Secondary Education

Secondary Education Certification is available in the following areas:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Space Science (Geology Major)
  • Life Science (Biology or Environmental Biology Major)
  • Physics
  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies (Economics, Government (Political Science Major), Historical Perspectives (History Major)

    Secondary Education Basic Certification Course Sequencing 

Secondary Education Major with Certification Course Sequencing

The Hanover College secondary teacher programs have been approved by the Indiana Department of Education, and are NCATE accredited. Most programs have gained SPA approval as well. Secondary Education students declare their major in their teaching content area and complete coursework to receive certification.  Students must have formal admission to the program from the Teacher Education Committee (TEC) to take upper level "methods" education courses of 314, 315, and 33X (X denoted by content area).  Secondary candidates have both a major academic advisor and an Education advisor who meets with students often to ensure that their course of study is on track for achieving their degree and certification. An optional Secondary Education Major is also available (double major required).

Hanover College students who seek secondary or all grade certification and licensing must meet the entrance criteria and be admitted into the Teacher Education Program via application to the Teacher Education Committee.

 Teacher Candidates must meet all teacher certification requirements.

  • Successful Final Evaluation by Student Teaching Clinical Educator Mentor and Hanover College Clinical Supervisor
  • Interview and presentation to the Education Program and other College faculty, peers, and other stakeholders
  • Bachelors Degree

Upon awarding of the Bachelor degree and passing of state-required licensure exams (CORE) in both content area and pedagogy, program completers are eligible to apply for a profession teaching license. The Hanover College Educator Preparation Program is designed to meet the standards set forth by Indiana. It is best to obtain the Indiana license and then apply for other states' licensing by reciprocity.

Teacher Candidates in any Secondary Education Program may complete a dual-certification program in Special Education (Mild Interventions) which includes five additional courses offered in evenings and online in summer. The student teaching assignment will be split between and regular classroom and a special education classroom. There is an additional CORE exam required for the licensing addition.

Secondary teacher candidates must complete all requirements for their major (i.e. comprehensive examinations, thesis papers, etc.). The optional Secondary Education major also requires a comprehensive examination as well as a senior seminar course (EDU 461).

* After initial licensing in one of the above areas, teachers may also add additional content area to their license by passing the corresponding CORE test. (i.e. geography, sociology, psychology, etc.)

For more information, please contact education department chair, Dr. Dustin Bailey bailey@hanover.edu or Student Services Coordinator and Licensing Advisor, Mrs. Cheryl Torline torline@hanover.edu