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Educator Preparation Program

Clinical Field Experiences

Annual background checks required for all Education courses with classroom field experiences!

In order to comply with requirements of our local school corporations - ALL EDU students with fieldwork must obtain a a Safe Hiring Solutions background check each academic year. It is recommended that students order the report using our specific link do that the EPP has access to the report and can submit this to the schools for our students.CLICK TO ORDER YOUR SHS BACKGROUND CHECK

Those who do not have the cash flow to do so may sign a request form so that the Program may order the report for you. This will be charged to the individual's student account.The average cost is about $22 but can be more depending on where the student has resided in the past.

  1. The Safe Hiring Solutions background check must be ordered by the end of the first week of class in the first term you are enrolled in an EDU course with field work. Those who have not either ordered it on their own or through the Education Student Services Office or supplied another background check from the same academic year can be removed from the course and required to enroll in a different course during Drop/Add week. 

  2. A copy of your report will be on file in Newby - you may have a copy if you would like one. If you order it via the SHS website, you may download your own report at any time.

  3. Only one background check per student is required per academic year, it does not matter how many or how few courses you are enrolled in during that academic year. The exception could be those student teaching in an urban assignment. There may also be additional requirements for junior methods in alternate schools than the ones typically used by the EPP.

  4. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Torline torline@hanover.edu

Safe Hiring Solutions Form

Summary of Your Rights

NEA Student Membership required for all students in a 300/400 level EDU course.

In addition, the Hanover College Educator Preparation Program requires all Methods and Student Teaching assignment enrollees to provide PROOF that they are student members of the National Education Association (NEA) which includes a million dollars in liability coverage. Join below and send the welcome email to Cheryl Torline at torline@hanover.edu.


Standard for Success is the subscription is required for all students enrolled in an EDU course or who have been admitted as teacher candidates. More information can be found under the ABOUT tab.