Educator Preparation Program

Elementary Education

Elementary Education Major and K-6 Licensing Certification

The Hanover College elementary education program has been approved by the Indiana Department of Education Division of Professional Standards. Revisions occur as Indiana licensing rules change. The Hanover College Elementary Education Program is NCATE accredited and SPA approved. Our faculty meets with students often to ensure that their course of study is on track for achieving their degree and certification.

Hanover College students who seek K-6 certification and licensing must meet the entrance criteria and be admitted into the Teacher Education Program via application to the Teacher Education Committee (Decision Point One) by January of the sophomore year in order to declare an Elementary Education major. Elementary Education majors must also complete a Liberal Arts minor.  Special Education dual certification also satisfies the minor requirement.

Decision Point Two ensures that candidates have a 2.67 GPA in their Elementary Education major and overall along with an interview to ascertain pedogogical knowledge from methods coursework.  Approved candidates complete 14 weeks of Student Teaching, receive certification in CPR and Suicide Prevention, and complete the cross cultural and Urban Teaching Experience requirements.

Decision Point Three includes a presentation to faculty, peers, and administrators.  Elementary Education majors must also pass their comprehensive examinations that Hanover requires in every major.  

Following graduation, candidates apply for a teachers license after successfully taking competency exams.

For more information, please contact any Hanover College Education Department faculty member or licensing advisor, Cheryl

Elementary Education Major and Certification Course Sequencing