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Educator Preparation Program

Special Education Dual Certification

Hanover College Educator Preparation Program
Offering Dual Certification
in Exceptional Needs: Mild Interventions (P-12)

Exceptional Needs: Mild Interventions is a P-12 certification that must be completed in combination with an Elementary Education or Secondary Education teacher certification.  It requires passing of the Indiana CORE exam (025) in addition to the content area CORE exams and Pedagogy CORE exams.  Five additional courses are required: EDU  252, 253, 254, 255 and 256.  These courses may be taken at any time and in any order. Admission to the Educator Preparation Program is not required.  Undergraduate students will complete a student teaching assignment (EDU 458) integrating both of their certification areas. They will complete their appropriate pedagogy and content area CORE licencing exams, as well as the CORE 025 Exceptional Needs: Mild Interventions exam. Licensed teachers in Indiana may also add to their existing licenses by completing the coursework listed above and passing the Indiana CORE 025 as well.

Note: The Elementary Education requirement of a minor is waived for Elementary Education majors completing Dual Certification in Mild Interventions.

Indiana Standards for Teaching Exceptional Children

Seminar 1 (Fall Term)
EDU 252

Professional Collaboration

1 Unit
Seminar 2 (Winter A)
EDU 253

Instruction and Assessment

(Includes Field Experience)

1 Unit
Seminar 3 (Summer)
EDU 254

Special Education Law and Policy

1 Unit

Summer Online Course!

Seminar 4 (Winter B)
EDU 255

Classroom Management and PBIS

(Includes Field Experience)

1 Unit
Seminar 5 (Summer)
EDU 256

Learning Environments and Transition

Summer: Arranged (All Online)

1 Unit

Summer Online Course!

Undergraduates Only
EDU 458

Integrated Student Teaching Assignment

The dual certification student will do one, multiple-component student teaching assignment that satisfies dual licensure requirements.

4 Units