Educator Preparation Program

Anticipated Fees and Costs for Teacher Candidates

Teacher Certification Anticipated Fee Schedule

Approved 4-11-2013 Revised 9-1-2017

These costs will be very similar at any institution that offers teacher certification programs as requirements are determined by the Indiana Department of Education for all teacher candidates. Licensing costs for other states may differ by state.



Fee rate

Mandatory exams

Applicants for teacher candidacy can use ACT/SAT scores if they meet the Indiana approved scores of 24+ for ACT and 1100+ for SAT. If an applicant does not meet Indiana minimum scores, they will need passing scores of the CASA exam

CORE exams for licensure will be required for an Indiana license.

NOTE: Other states may require additional teacher competency exams.

CASA  Exam costs:

$38 per each subtest of Reading, Writing, and Math. Testing centers may charge an additional fee.

CORE Pedagogy/Content Knowledge Licensing Exam costs:

Price varies from $48 to $150 depending upon the teaching area.

Note: retakes have additional costs.

*Students may qualify for financial assistance from the Spicer Phillips Fund to take the CASA/CORE. See Cheryl Torline or your Education professor for details.

Background Checks

Required by all school corporations for clinical field experiences. Must be renewed every academic year for any student in any EDU course with fieldwork assignments

Alternative field work could have other requirements not listed (i.e. tuberculosis testing is  required by the Juvenile Detention Center and is $10 via HC Health Center . This may be covered by applying for a Spicer-Phillips grant).

Background checks will be run through Safe Hiring Solutions. The student will apply for this prior to any course with field work in local schools. Students will NOT be allowed in schools without the background check so not obtaining it in a timely manner can effect the course grade. The average cost is about $22 but can be more depending on the states students have lived and/or worked. This report will be accepted by our local school corporations and others.

Student teaching placement may have additional background check charge(s) depending on the school assignment.

Please contact Cheryl Torline for any questions about background checks including financial concerns.

CPR  First Aid certification with AED

Required for teacher license application via upload of certification card to LVIS. Certification is valid for two years from date of course.

Usually offered once per term as a courtesy by campus security officers with $5 for the card.  Upload image of card for license application. Price will vary if taken off-campus.

Suicide Prevention training

Required to upload the certification of completion on LVIS for teacher license application in Indiana.

Required during Student Teacher Seminars via a free online course by the Society for Prevention of Teen Suicide (SPTS University) that is especially created for educators. Download and save completion certificate for the license application.

Student teaching fee

Pays for part of student teaching mentor teacher stipend of $200 and cost of supervision by Student Teacher Supervisor and Student Teacher seminars, etc.

$150 (one time) assessed through Hanover College student account in the semester the student has enrolled in student teaching i.e.  EDU 455/456/458.

National Education Association (NEA) Student Membership

One-time required membership to provide liability insurance coverage and other benefits for student teachers.

Underclassmen are also encourage to become members but not required.

Cost is currently $37 per academic year.

Membership confirmation email must be forwarded to the Education Office prior to beginning of your student teaching assignment.  May also send in a scan of membership card but this can take extra time. Noncompliance can result in removal from Student Teaching placement until received due to liability issues.