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Educator Preparation Program

Anticipated Fees for Teacher Certification

Students preparing for Teacher Certification can anticipate certain fees and expenses. The Educator Preparation Program tries to minimize these added expenses when at all possible by choosing less expensive or not cost textbooks, paying for textbook copies to be held on reserve in the Duggan Library for student use, and other ways as we can. The following are examples of typical costs that would be similar at any institution offering teacher preparation:

Standard for Success subscription at $100 per academic year
This annual subscription is required for all admitted candidates as well as those who are enrolled in any EDU courses or applying to the Program. Students taking an EDU course as an elective that do not intend to pursue teacher certification may request a waiver (see the ABOUT tab). Students who have not purchased the current SFS subscription will have their account locked and will be unable to complete course and certification assignments. This will affect course grades and program completion. Students may use remaining financial aid in their accounts to pay for SFS. Contact the Business Office for details. Students who do not have financial aid funds available may contact the Chaplain's Office for a Panther Needs loan which must be paid back. 

Safe Hiring Solutions Background Check approximately $20 per year
Students will be required purchase the background check once per academic year if they are enrolled in a course with a Clinical Fieldwork Experience. Students should use the special link for Hanover College. Students do have the option of having this run in the Student Services Office and assessed to their student accounts. (see the ABOUT tab). The actual cost depends on the students residential history.

ETS Praxis Core Basic Skills for Educators exams may be needed for Program admission
This cost varies by the student's need of the Praxis Core to meet admission requirements as well as the number of attempts needed to reach the required admission score. Please refer to the APPLYING tab for more information regarding the possible need for the ETS Praxis exam to meet admission requirements. (see the Prospective Teacher Candidates tab). Students may apply for a Panther Loan and then for reimbursement of the Praxis costs from the Spicer Phillips Endowment Grant to pay for one attempt at the Praxis exam. Qualification is based on demonstrated financial need via the FAFSA . Cost of the three subject CORE is $150. Cost of each individual exam is $90 each.

Course Fees for Methods and Student Teaching Courses
Beginning in 2021-2022, the 300 level (Methods) candidates will pay $100 each term that they are enrolled in Methods courses (for a total of $200 for the year). Student teaching courses (455, 456, 458, 459) will have a course fee of $300 per candidate. These fees go toward the stipends paid to the clinical educator for mentoring student teachers in their K-12 classroom.

Though not required for certification or graduation, Education students should be aware that there are licensing examinations to qualify for licensing as well as the fee for Indiana and/or other state licensing. The amount varies by state, and many states require initial licensing in the state where teacher preparation was completed. In addition, there is a cost for each license area application. Students may apply for reimbursement of Praxis licensure fees one time per licensure exam. For additional information, please refer to the Educator Licensing tab, and our licensing  advisor.