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Educator Preparation Program

Applying to the Hanover College Edu Prep Program


Hanover College

Educator preparation Program admission 

Updated 10/16/2020

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an Education faculty member to fully understand the admission process and requirements for the Educator Preparation Program. Sophomores or juniors may apply for late admission after the deadline with approval from the Education faculty. Make an appointment with Dr. Bailey, Dr. Hanson, or Ms. Roth to discuss your personal circumstances. teach apple

All interested sophomores should submit their application to the Program on or before November 1!
This includes those who do not meet all requirements as this allows for additional individualized  advising by the Education faculty and staff.

To complete the online application on My Hanover, go to: 

My Hanover Education Application to Program

This form auto-populates many of the fields for you. You will answer questions about the teaching area you are interested in, upload the required essay, select the professors that you would like to recommend you, etc.  Click SUBMIT and MY HANOVER will send the application and essay to the Education office and email the professors for their recommendation.

Educator preparation program admission requirments

  • EDU 221

  • 2.67 Minimum GPA (a GPA of 3.0 in the content area major is required prior to student teaching)

  • Clear academic honesty record with the HC Student Academic Assistance Committee (SAAC)

  • Clear judicial records with HC Student Life

  • Personal Philosophy of Teaching essay (see links above)

  • Dispositions interview with members of the HC Advisory Council of Clinical Educators (NEW!)

  • Personal interview with members of the HC Teacher Education Committee (TEC)

  • Standard for Success Account in force

  • Meeting minimum score benchmarks on ONE of the following:

    ACT Reading 21.25 minimum and ACT Math 21.25 minimum (no composite).
    SAT Reading/Writing 543.33 minimum and SAT Math 532.50 minimum (no composite)
    Praxis CORE
    Reading minimum score of 168.06 --Math minimum score of 162.14
    Note: A Writing minimum score of 165 will be required beginning with 2021-2022 Academic Year

    The Praxis Core exam is required for interested students who do not meet the above cutoffs for ACT & SAT.

    Scores MAY be mixed and matched. (Example: student meets the passing SAT score listed for Math but needs a passing score in Reading from the Praxis to qualify for admission).

    NOTE: Students admitted to Hanover College under "test optional" process are nevertheless required to meet one of the exam benchmarks for admission to our EPP as well as that of any other accredited institution. This is set by the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation.(CAEP) Standard 3.


praxis logo

click this link to Register for the Praxis Core Exam  pointing finger

  • The ETS Praxis Core Exam is required for all students who do not meet the score benchmark for admission the the Educator Preparation Program. This is partly because it is constantly available at multiple testing centers, students can re-take the exam in as few as 20 days, and we simply believe it is a better fit for aspiring educators.

    Things to know are:
  • The Hanover College Institution Code is 1290.

  • The  combined tests (Reading/Writing/Mathematics) is $150. Combined test #5752

  • The individual tests cost $90 each 
    Reading test #5713
    Writing test #5723 (required beginning Fall 2021)
    Mathematics test #5733)

  • Consult the test bulletin for additional information on ID requirements, available locations, etc. https://www.ets.org/s/praxis/pdf/praxis_information_bulletin.pdf

  • The state of Indiana does NOT require the Praxis Core - minimum test scores are required by CAEP which is our accreditation entity. Therefore, you will not find "passing scores for the state" on your test scores. The benchmark scores as set by CAEP are:
    Reading minimum score of 168.06 --Math minimum score of 162.14 
    (beginning in 9/2021 - the writing score of 165 will also be required for admission if applicant does not have an ACT or SAT qualifying score as well)

  • Students may re-take one or more sections of the Praxis in 21 days from the last attempt. Only failed sections need to be retaken. There is no limit on the number of retakes allowed by ETS.

Financial Assistance
An Fee Waiver is available from ETS for students with a $3,000 or less family contribution from the FAFSA

Hanover College Spicer Phillips Grant may be available depending on the individual's financial aid status - we suggest all students who receive financial aid apply for this grant. In addition, minority students automatically are approved for this gift fund. See Cheryl Torline in the Education Student Service Office to compete the easy application.
*Only available for one attempt.
Click below:
Spicer Phillips Grant Application - print and bring to the student services office to apply!

Testing Accommodations
Documented physical or mental disability accommodations may be available - see Certificate of Eligibility in the Praxis Supplemental Bulletin and completed with our Disabilities Officer Debbie Seaver in the Gladish Learning Center.

Students must apply for this before registering and scheduling a test.


If you have questions about the Praxis -

contact ETS helpline for assistance!       


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Educational Testing Service (ETS) offers a subscription to Praxis Core  prep course for about $50 for 90 days:
Praxis Prep from ETS


Free!! Praxis Test Preparation Course!!!

Khan Academy has teamed up with ETS to offer personalized Praxis Core test preparation - this is what the hanover college EPP recommends.



240 tutoring logo240 Tutoring is an online test prep service that has a GUARANTEE to pass the exam.

We also love 240 Tutoring - so many videos to help you with the test! 


In the end - it is on YOU to do the work needed to pass these qualifying exams required for admission.  we  are here to assist you but the responsibility rests with you.

remember --The Gladish Learning Center tutors are a great free resource!!

One additional note:

The Elementary Education major and the Secondary Education double major cannot be declared without Program Admission. Elementary students may be required to declare another major until admission is achieved, and then they can file for a change or additional major.

If you have questions or concerns about the application process or for registering to take or retake an exam, please contact the Educator Preparation Program's Student Services Coordinator, Cheryl Torline