Hanover College Education Department


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The Teacher Education Committee - consisting of faculty members from various areas of the College - is the policy setting entity for our Educator Preparation Program (EPP) housed within the Education Department of Hanover College. TEC is the "gatekeeper" for entry (Decision Point One) and as such evaluates, interviews, and admits students into the Education program. TEC also monitors that our students maintain an acceptable level of grades and conduct to ensure the high standard for Hanover College certified teachers. TEC Guidelines and Policies can be viewed here.

Current members of the Hanover College TEC are:

  • Matthew Vosmeier, History Department Faculty (Chair)
  • Dustin Bailey, Education Department Faculty
  • Jared Bates, Philosophy Department Faculty
  • Jeff Brautigam, Division Coordinator for Humanities
  • Ed Hall, Chemistry Department Faculty
  • David Mruzek, Instrumental Music Department Faculty
  • Ken Prince, Hanover College Registrar
  • Cheryl Torline, Education Department Student Services Coordinator
  • Ally Howard - Elementary Education Candidate
  • Alisha West - Secondary Education Candidate