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Our EducatOR PREPARATION PROGRAM Faculty and Staff:

Dr. Dustin Bailey

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Dr. Bailey

Assistant Professor of Education and Education Department Chair, Dr. Dustin Bailey oversees the department in his role as EPP Head.  He coordinates multiples areas, but is especially passionate about the Teaching Diverse Learners Program!  Dr. Bailey teaches courses such as Education Law, Teaching High School, Professional Collaboration and Classroom Management to name a few.  Additionally, he teaches First Year 101 and most Special Education courses. He supervises local and urban student teachers and enjoys spring term travel abroad. In previous school leadership roles, Dr. Bailey has experienced multiple situations that can be brought into his classroom experiences at Hanover. Dr. Bailey is the faculty advisor for the Hanover Student Education Association (HSEA) and has served in a number of official roles on campus, among them the Faculty Steering Committee and Committee of the Faculty. He maintains leadership roles in the State and community with his service on Department of Education committees and as a board member of the Indiana State Teachers Association. Dr. Bailey enjoys his two pugs: Atticus and Gizmo, and a Corgi named Windsor. He likes weightlifting, traveling to fun places, restoring his antique car, and spending time on his farm in western Indiana.

Dr. Debbie Hanson

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Dr. HansonProfessor of Education, Dr. Debbie Hanson has served on numerous committees of the faculty and has also been a Director of the Rivers Institute at Hanover College, as well as Chair of the Education Department.  Dr. Hanson teaches our introductory EDU course, junior level Methods courses in Math and Science, as well as Children's Literature and other special topic courses. She is the field work placements coordinator and supervises local and Indianapolis area urban student teachers. Debbie is certified in Project Wet and Project Wild and loves to create enthusiasm for learning and teaching science through Family Science Nights at local schools . She is a member of HASTI and NSTA and has authored several articles in professional publications and presented at conferences all over the United States. Debbie is an avid runner and an Illinois native, but resides in Columbus, IN with her husband. They have three grown children and one grandchild.

Dava Roth

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Dava Roth

Dava Roth joined Hanover College as Instructor of Education after 13 years of teaching elementary and middle school students in multiple settings around the globe, including New Zealand, Uganda, and Bolivia.  These diverse experiences were what guided her to further her own educational pursuits these last six years through her Master's and PhD programs in Curriculum and Instruction while focusing on cognitive and socio-emotional development in children and adolescents. She teaches a variety of Education courses including social studies and language arts methods, middle school methods, senior seminar and others.  She supervises local area urban student teachers, as well as serving on several faculty committees.  In her downtime, Dava draws, paints, and works with mosaics and also enjoys swing and salsa dancing. She is an avid reader and seeks out unique cultural experiences as she plans future travels. She is the faculty advisor for the Hanover College Women's Basketball team.

Cheryl Torline

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Cheryl face

Cheryl Torline serves as the Education Student Services Coordinator and Teacher Licensing Advisor for Hanover College. As such, she manages much of the communications and records for the program, as well as overseeing the program's web pages, database, handbooks, calendars, student records, serves on the Teacher Education Committee (TEC), and is the facilitator for our Alumni Education Committee. She has served as the coordinator for events like the annual Student Teacher Share Fair event, Homecoming's Teacher Tailgate, and the Professional Educator Induction Ceremony. Previously, Cheryl also managed the Registrar's Cultural Events course and the Hanover campus final exam schedule. Prior to coming the College, Mrs. Torline had worked as a Title II tutor and was secretary at a small private school for a number of years. She and her husband reside in Madison and have five grown children and one "perfect" grandchild. Cheryl has served on the Hanover College Community Arts Series Committee and keeping the Arts in our elementary and secondary schools is an ongoing passion for her. Going into year 16 in Newby Hall, Cheryl can now be found in Newby Office 06 where the door is always open for questions or concerns. She enjoys getting to know the Education students and keeps in touch with most - both past and present, via social media. Her interests include family, friends, traveling, music, and technology. 

Our Clinical Educators for 2019-2020

Student Teaching - Fall 2019

Amy Gatke 
Andrew Geller
Cecilia Goh
Lee Ann Hall
Sarah Lytle
Flossie McGannon
Linda Nicholson
Melissa Ommen
David Proctor
Desiree Shaw
Mark Shoup
Heather Vaughn

Junior Methods - Fall 2019

Cortney Arrowood
Shannon Barger
Heather Barry
Robin Burns
Jessica Cain
Phyllis Carr
Jennifer Colen
Kara Dulaney
Angela Elswick
Crystal Field
Melinda Gammons
Amanda Hammond
Derik Hutton
Emeka Koren
Brooke Long
Judy Lunsford
Shelly Murphy Smith
Zac Nussbaum
Melissa Perry
Jodi Lea Pflaumer
Phillip Whelan
Amy Whitaker
Don White

Student Teaching Winter 2020