Educator Preparation Program

Hanover College Student Education Association

hsea logoHSEA Executive Board Members for 2019/2020 Academic year

President: Katelynn Buchan '21

Vice President: Trina Steiden '20

Secretary: Addison Laker '21

Treasurer: Jeffery Curtis '22

Student Senate Representative: Kalee Flathers '21

Social Media: Haley Kibby '20

Recruitment Chair: Lauren Lester '20

HSEA Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dustin Bailey

group photoPictured above left to right: Kalee Flathers, Jeffery Curtis, Katelynn Buchan, Haley Kibby, and Trina Steiden with Faculty Advisor Dr. Dustin Bailey in front. 

All Hanover students are welcome to join HSEA! The monthly chapter meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month from 7:30-8:30PM  (The Executive Board meets at 6:30Pm on the same dates as the  chapter meetings)

Your NEA student membership includes all three organizations - local HSEA, state ISEA, and national NEA. There are many benefits to members including $1M in liability insurance for the classroom, so junior and seniors are REQUIRED  to have NEA membership for that reason

Membership provides so much more than just liability insurance for our pre-service educators. For the low cost of membership, HSEA members receive amazing benefits and opportunities that will help them in their quest to become great teachers:

  • Indiana Student Educator Association's  Fall Conference is focused on teaching and learning and is an incredibly low-cost professional learning opportunity for ISEA members and campus advisors. Designed by pre-service educators for pre-service educators, this fall event is a "must attend" for all Indiana students working to become teachers in our state.
  • ISEA's annual community service project, Outreach to Teach (O2T), is the one of the largest and most extensive projects of its kind in the entire country. Every spring, more than 300 ISEA members perform an "extreme makeover" of a worthy public school. Painting, cleaning, landscaping, decorating, organizing and other activities are a huge part of this life-changing event. O2T is an event that changes schools, communities and people.
  • Regional professional learning events. Each spring, leaders from each of ISEA's four regions hold a professional learning opportunity for ISEA members in that region. These events bring together pre-service students to share and learn about their teaching.
  • Rebates on student membership dues when you join later as an licensed teacher.

ISEA membership also allows pre-service teachers to participate in a wide-range of ISTA professional learning activities -- AT NO COST.

  • FREE participation in the ISTA Good Teaching Conference, Indiana's premier teaching and learning event. Held every spring in Indianapolis, this conference brings together hundreds of Hoosier educators at this collaborative learning event.
  • FREE participation in the ISTA Early Career Educator Conference, Indiana's premier teaching and learning event for early-career (one to five years) educators in our state.
  • FREE participation in ISTA's annual Evening of Excellence, a celebration of outstanding teaching and teachers.

ISEA brings together pre-service educators to support them as they work toward becoming teachers in Indiana.  ISEA is a professional organization focused on improving the preparation of Indiana teachers. Don't see this experience short as it is a great opportunity to build your resume and professional network!!!


Indiana Student Educators Association (ISEA) sponsors many events to further enhance the experience for those seeking to become educators as well as those interested in complementary fields. ISEA enlists speakers and events on topics like classroom management, technology for the classroom, autism, and many others. ISEA is the ONLY Student Education organization on the Hanover College campus and is a subgroup of the ISTA (Indiana State Teachers Association) and NEA (National Education Association). ISEA works especially hard to assist new Education students in getting to know their way around Newby Hall and the learning in the "ins and outs" of the education program as well as outreach programs to the local community's schools, along with professional development beyond the campus. Get involved with the ISEA on campus. Chapter dues are only $7 and gives you many experiences at no cost and membership enhances your resume. Student membership in NEA is strongly encouraged for underclassmen and required for all methods courses student teaching as membership includes the most inexpensive liability insurance, as well as a host of other benefits. 


Fall 2019: 

  • September 1: Activity Fair 

  • September 12: All EDU meeting at 6:30pm in Ogle 

  • September 10: Exec Meeting- To talk about Call Out Meeting 

  • September 17: Call out Meeting 

  • October 18-19: Inspiring Educator Conference (Fall Conference) 
    The conference will still be geared to new and early career educators and aspiring student educators.  

  • October 22: HSEA Meeting 
    Talk about Fall Conference  

  • November 19: HSEA Meeting 

  • December 3: HSEA Meeting 
    Stress relieving meeting/Ideas for what to do. 



Winter 2020: 

  • January 21: HSEA Meeting 

  • February 18: HSEA Meeting 

  • March 17: HSEA Meeting 

  • April 3-4: Outreach to Teach 

  • April 7: HSEA Meeting 

  • Stress reliving meeting 

  • Ideas for what to do 


Spring 2020: 

  • Australia 2020
    May term abroad trip!