Hanover College Education Department

Required Background Checks

Background check requirements and procedures for HC Education students. By law, school districts and Hanover College must require a background check for any college student who is enrolled in a class with clinical field experience. Beginning with 2015-2016, any student enrolled in any EDU course will be required to complete a Safe Hiring Solutions national background check through our Hanover College Human Resources Office. The application must be turned into the Newby Hall Office be the end of the first week of classes.  Average cost is $32 but can be more depending on residencial history of an applicant. The cost for the background check is assessed to the student account and may be eligible for financial aid.

If you have had this background check done for employment by the College, you may obtain a copy from Human Resources and turn that in for your Education Program file. This must be less than one year old as the background check must be done each academic year and will be accepted at the local schools instead of their own corporation background check for Madison Consolidated Schools, Soutwestern Jefferson County Schools, and Scott County School District 2. For more information please see the Education Department Handbook and the Education Program Office. Fall Student Teachers may turn in a copy of the Background Check run by the host school and we will ask if Madison and/or Southwestern schools will accept that instead. If you have any questions regarding background check requirements, please contact Education Student Services Coordinator, Cheryl Torline.

Background Check Instructions

Safe Hiring Solutions Form

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