Educator Preparation Program

Tips for Becoming a Licensed Teacher

1.  PLAN AHEAD TO SUCCEED!  At this point you are a beginning professional that must take charge of your own credentials!  Begin reviewing the CORE knowledge "assessment blueprints" and practice information from the website information available for your specific CORE test.  All candidates need a Pedagogy Exam - either Elementary K-6 or Secondary 5-12.  All candidates will also take the appropriate Content Area Knowledge test(s).  The Elementary Education exam has five subtests.  There is also a test for Special Education K-12 licensing for Mild/Moderate Interventions.  There is a lot of helpful information online to help you prepare to pass the test on the first attempt - USE IT!

  • Study Guides
  • Assessment Blueprints
  • Practice Tests
  • Tutorial Videos

If you find areas that are especially difficult, we suggest reviewing the content assessment blueprints with your major advisor and your pedagogy assessment blueprints with your EDU advisor.

2.  Schedule and successfully complete the Pearson Teacher CORE Assessments appropriate to your teaching area and designate the report be sent to Hanover College by using the code RIN 1290.  Keep in mind that you may need to take some portion of the assessments more than once so plan ahead for that possibility. Remember that CORE is specific to Indiana, but we STRONGLY urge you to get licensed in Indiana first and then utilize license reciprocity for other states.  Requirements change and update often - we know you now meet Indiana licensing requirements as a successful new program completer!

3.  Successfully complete Decision Points 1, 2, and 3, including a student teaching assignment, and all certification requirements while remaining in good standing as a teacher candidate. *For students who do their student teaching assignment locally, this includes the Short Term Urban Experience.

4.   Make sure that you have valid CPR/AED Certification on file in the Educator Preparation Program Office, as well as in your own electronic files.  NOTE: CPR Certification expires after two years.

5.  Complete an IDOE approved suicide prevention training course and have the certificate on file in the Education Office as well as in your own files. We recommend the SPTS University Free Course for Educators.  

6.  Complete an Indiana Initial Educator Teaching License application on-line through the LVIS website:   Please note that you are applying for an original and instructional license and must pay the application fee through LVIS. 

Our Step by Step Guide  can make it simple to be certain that you are doing it correctly! Click the link below:

2018 Step by Step Indiana Licensing Guide with Screenshots

7.  The Hanover College Licensing Officer will approve your licensing application upon ALL of the above criteria being met. Send an email when you think your application is complete and we will check our queue as we do not receive notification from LVIS.   

Online licensing is very quick and you will receive your license electronically, usually the same day. Be sure to save the file and you can also access it in LVIS any time.

NOTE:  If you are interested in licensing in other states, research the licensing requirements for that state BEFORE leaving Hanover College, if at all possible.  Our department can then assist you with the certification paperwork. Kentucky and some other states now require Indiana teacher program completers to obtain their Indiana license before they can apply in that state. You may also need additional licensing exams for that state.

Additional Considerations for Job Seeking Seniors....

  • As a senior, you may apply to teaching positions prior to receiving your license.  We recommend asking for a "good standing" status letter for use in applying for positions prior to licensing - the more you have completed of the licensing requirements, the more effective your letter.
  • Ensure that you credential file in the Career Center is complete.  Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. Tilley will help you with the specifics!
  • Request letters of recommendation from your mentor teachers, student teaching supervisor, and Hanover College faculty well before graduation!
  • Keep your own credential file (electronic and hard copies of documents like suicide prevention training certificate,  CPR card , letters of recommendation, score reports, student teaching evaluations, etc.) for future use.
  • Notify the Education Department of your employment!  We are required to track and complete data on you for our accreditation processes.