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Educator Preparation Program

Tips for Becoming a Licensed Teacher


NOTE:  If you are interested in licensing in other states, research the licensing requirements for that state BEFORE leaving Hanover College, if at all possible.  Our department can then assist you with the certification paperwork. Kentucky and some other states now require Indiana teacher program completers to obtain their Indiana license before they can apply in that state. You may also need additional licensing exams for that state.

Plan to take your licensure exams as soon as possible! We strongly recommend these as soon as you have completed all Methods courses and your Major courses. Keep in mind the exams may test you on knowledge not received in your secondary content area major! These exams are DIFFICULT and much preparation is required for passing them. Note the transition Indiana is making from CORE to ETS Praxis exams - additional information is available on the landing page for the EDUCATOR LICENSING tab above. More information is available at the tabs on the left side of this page. The EPP faculty and staff will help you navigate this change as well. 

Step by Step Licensing in LVIS PowerPoint

Additional Considerations for Job Seeking Seniors....

  • As a senior, you may apply to teaching positions prior to receiving your license.  We recommend asking for a "good standing" status letter for use at job fairs and in applying for positions prior to licensing - the more you have completed of the licensing requirements, the more effective your letter. Contact Cheryl Torlline torline@hanover.edu

  • Request letters of recommendation from your mentor teachers, student teaching supervisor, and Hanover College faculty well before graduation!

  • Keep your own credential file (electronic and hard copies of documents like suicide prevention training certificate, CPR card , letters of recommendation, score reports, student teaching evaluations, etc.) for future use. Upload these to your Standard for Success file as well

  • Let the Licensing Advisors (Dr. Bailey and Mrs. Torline) know by email that you have applied for your license. We do not receive notifications that there is an application in our queue. Be sure you have PAID for the application. Once the license has been coded by the Advisor, your license will arrive via email attachment. You may also download it any time from LVIS.

  • Keep your legal name current on your Indiana license! Check Indiana License Lookup to ensure it is accurate.

  • Notify the Education Department of your employment!  We are required to track and complete data on you for our accreditation processes.