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LVIS is in the building!!

Actually, LVIS is the Licensing Verification and Information System now used by the Indiana Department of Education. Following graduation, click the following link to get started: https://license.doe.in.gov/.

This profile will be in use for your entire career as an educator! We suggest reviewing the FAQ section in LVIS as it is very informative and helpful. Refer to the Licensing Tips tab at the right for help from the Hanover College Education Student Services Coordinator and Licensing Advisors. Here is our Step by Step Licensing document. 

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The Initial Instructional License is valid for two years and must be either renewed (if you have not been a full time teacher) https://www.doe.in.gov/licensing/current-indiana-educator-renew-license or converted to a Five Year Professional License via IMAP (new coursework or added content area by licensure testing) or PGPs (at least 40 Professional Growth Points).  Hanover College is not involved with license renewals or conversions, but we do provide PGPs for our Clinical Educator partners and Methods and Student Teaching Mentors.   

Click this link for further information  https://www.doe.in.gov/licensing/convert-initial-practitioner-practitioner-license-and-add-content-area