Hanover College Education Department

Professional and Licensing Examinations

Indiana Teacher Licensing Information:

The most up-to-date licensing information can be found at the Indiana Department of Education's Licensing division. Visit http://www.doe.in.gov/licensing

In short, in order to apply for an initial teacher license, candidate must have all of the following completed:

1. Bachelors Degree in an approved teaching program.

2. Certification in CPR

3. Certification in Suicide Prevention Training

4. Certification from a state approved Educator Preparation Program (EPP)

5. Passing scores in the required CORE tests for the specific teaching area as evidenced in the Score Reporting module from the state.

6. Completed online application in LVIS, including payment.

Ready to apply? Now follow our step by step licensing instructions

More information and links for CORE EXAMS for Indiana licensing:

Indiana now uses the Pearson Education CORE exams for teacher licensing. Pedagogy Exams are required by all along with content area tests, which vary by teaching subject area. The most recent and up-to-date info regarding CORE exams is available here: http://www.in.nesinc.com/

For a complete listing of exams by content area - https://www.in.nesinc.com/Content/Docs/IN_test_requirements.pdf

Remember, every student will take a pedagogy exam:

test 005 for grades K-6 (Elementary Education)

test 006 for grades 5-12 (Secondary Education)

test 007 for grades K-12 (All Grade Art)

Every teacher candidate will also need one or more content area specific tests. Elementary Generalists need 060, 061, 062, and 063 content subtests. Secondary students will test in their teaching area (History, Math, English, etc.)

Pearson's CORE test prep and study materials are available HERE

Use of the ASSESSMENT BLUEPRINTS are critical in preparing for the examinations!
If you have trouble witht the link - type this URL in your brower http://www.in.nesinc.com/PageView.aspx?f=HTML_FRAG/GENRB_PrepFramework.html

There are both free and paid study guides and practice tests. There are also workbooks available on Amazon from third party sources.  Our experience tells us that all students require intense test preparation to pass these !

Licensing in other states:

If students are interested in licensing in another state, they should check that state's licensing requirements early in their preparation program. Another state may have different licensing and specific coursework requirements. In addition, even with reciprocity, the Praxis II test(s) may still be needed if our graduates seek licensing another state. State requirements vary, so again, please confirm with the Department of Education for the particular state. Hanover College recommends all program completers obtain licensing in Indiana after certification.  Many states require applicants to be licensed in the state they received training.  Kentucky is one of them!

The institution code for Hanover College is RA1290 for both the Pearson CASA/CORE or the ETS Praxis I and II. Please ensure that Hanover College is designated to receive your test results!  Additional help and information is available from your Education Advisor and Hanover's Licensing Advisor, Mrs. Cheryl Torline at torline@hanover.edu