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Indiana Teacher CORE EXAMS for Indiana Licensing 

Because Hanover College is in Indiana, our Educator Preparation Program is designed to meet the standards for an Indiana Teacher's License along with the standards for both SPA and NCATE/CAEP accreditation.  There is some degree of reciprocity with other states (see Out of State Licensing at left). Please note that Out of State refers to where you completed your instruction rather than the state of your legal residence.  It is strongly advised that every teacher candidate become licensed in Indiana as quickly as possible after graduation, simply for the reason that teacher licensing requirements change often and quickly. The Hanover College Educator Preparation Program ensures our program completers meet Indiana licensing requirements in effect at the time they graduate.

The most recent and up-to-date info regarding CORE exams is available here:

Every candidate will need the appropriate pedagogy exam

  • test 005 for grades K-6 (Elementary Education)
  • test 006 for grades 5-12 (Secondary Education)
  • test 007 for grades K-12 (All Grade Art, PE/Health)

Every candidate will also need one or more content area specific tests.

  • Elementary Generalists need 060, 061, 062, and 063 content subtests.
  • Secondary students will test in their teaching area (History, Math, English, etc.)
  • PE/Health candidates will need both the Health (066) and the Physical Education (067) content exams
  • Special Education candidates will also need to take Special Needs Mild Interventions (025) to add their original instructional licence

    Pearson's CORE test prep and study materials are available HERE

There are both free and paid study guides and practice tests. There are also workbooks available on Amazon from third party sources and even preparation help on YouTube.  Our experience tells us that all candidates do require intense test preparation to pass these comprehensive exams.

Use of the ASSESSMENT BLUEPRINTS is critical in preparing for the examinations! The Education Preparation Program urges teacher candidates to refer to these blueprints EARLY and OFTEN to ensure that your course of study is preparing you for these exams. Secondary candidates should ensure that your major advisor in your teaching area has a copy of these in your file and is familiar with the knowledge you will need for passing the CORE exams in that area.These can be accessed at

There are both free and paid study guides and practice tests available through the CORE site. There are also workbooks available on Amazon from third party sources like Mometrix and others and and even YouTube videos for CORE prep. Hanover students can take advantage of the tutors who are available on campus in the Gladish Learning Center. Our experience tells us that all students require intense test preparation to pass these high-stakes exams.  We also advise candidates to not try to take all exams on the same day. Focusing on one at a time seems to be more successful.

All candidates should make certain to:

    • See if they qualify for Spicer Phillips Grant financial aid for the CORE exams (first attempt only)
    • Use the Hanover College institution code RIN1290 so that we can access your scores for certification of your license
    • Use the same name when registering for any of the CASA or CORE tests and ensure you have your social security number correct for all registrations
    • Do NOT start your license application until you have passed all exams and received your diploma

The most up-to-date licensing information can be found at the Indiana Department of Education's Licensing division

See the LICENSING TIPS at the top left navigation tab for even more information from Hanover College Educator Preparation Program (EPP) and individualized help is available from your Education Advisor and Hanover's Education Student Services Coordinator and Licensing Advisor, Cheryl Torline at