Hanover College Education Department

Suicide Prevention Training Requirement

Suicide Prevention Training and Certification

The Hanover College Department of Education is now requiring a new online course that fulfills the suicide prevention training requirement for licensing by the state of Indiana. ACT ON FACTS is the course for educators from the Society for Prevention of Teen Suicide at  http://sptsuniversity.org/

This online course is two hours in length and can be paused to take over time to suit the individual's schedule. It is designed and taught by teachers specifically for educators. There is an exam that must be passed to obtain the certificate. Completing the training is usually required for the second student teacher seminar so that student teachers can discuss and debrief. This certificate must be on file with the Education Department as part of Decision Point 3.

Save the certificate PDF to your computer/cloud - you will need to upload it to your license application.  Forward this to Cheryl Torline for your electronic student file.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Torline in the Education Student Services Office.


1.Visit the website for Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide (SPTS University) at http://sptsuniversity.org

2.Under COURSES, select Current Year National Version: Making Educators Partners in Youth Suicide Prevention - Act on Facts

3.Create a new account

4.Confirm account via your email

5.Log in to SPTS University

6.Complete your Suicide Prevention Training course at your convenience, successfully complete the course exam, and receive your certificate prior to the second student teacher seminar.

7.Send an electronic copy of your certificate to Hanover Teacher Licensing Advisor, Cheryl Torline, for your electronic records.

8.Keep an electronic copy of your certificate on your computer or cloud storage for uploading to the LVIS licensing application.

We hope you will find this training especially relevant and review it during your practice as a professional educator.

Indiana Department of Education - Effective July 1, 2013, the department may not issue an initial teaching license (includes instructional, student services and administrative licenses) at any grade level to an applicant for an initial teaching license unless the applicant shows evidence that the applicant has successfully completed education and training on the prevention of child suicide and the recognition of signs that a student may be considering suicide.