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Educator Preparation Program

Student Teaching

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Our senior Teacher Candidates have one full semester of student teaching and enroll in EDU 455/456/458 for four units of credits. This is typically done during fall or winter terms of the senior year, but some students come back and complete this requirement in the fall term following graduation in order to study abroad or due to the time constraints of participation in athletics.  Please discuss this with your Education Advisor early in your career so you may make the best decision for your personal situation and goals. Additional information is available in our Education Program Handbook and Student Teaching Handbook under "RESOURCES". Please note that candidates are required to have a 2.67 GPA in both their major and cumulatively at Decision Point 2 in order to be approved for a student teaching assignment at Decision Point 2. Further information is available from your Education advisor.

Student Teachers have several choices when it comes to their student teaching assignment. Juniors are asked to begin the process by completing the Student Teaching Request Form.  While every effort is made to grant requests, the final decision for the student teaching assignment is with the Education Faculty.  

Student Teaching options

  • Local Student Teaching Placement 
    A local Student Teaching placement would be at a school no farther than a 30 minute driving drive from Campus. Students would usually live on campus for these placements and this works well for students with campus responsibilities or for students who may require a bit closer observation by our faculty. 
  • Urban Student Teaching Placement
    An urban Student Teaching placement would be in a school system we work with in an urban location - all student teaching placements will be in Indiana, but can be near Louisville KY or near Cincinnati, OH as well. Student teachers have the option to live at home or there is financial assistance available for our candidates who chose an urban area but do not live with family members or friends. 
  • The Philadelphia Center Teaching Internship Program
    An internship with The Philadelphia Center is another option for a senior's student teaching experience. Student teachers live and work in inner-city Philly for a semester. We have had a number of candidates take advantage of the opportunity and all have returned very happy with their experience! click the link below for more information on the great opportunity!!


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  • NEW!!! Urban Studies Student Teaching in Denver, CO via Wartburg College West!
    Students live in Denver's historic Park Hill neighborhood on the Johnson & Wales University (JWU) campus with meal plan options and many other amenities! Visit www.wartburg.edu/west for more information.

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Student Teaching requirements

Student Teachers should be aware of the following requirements that must be met and documentation provided to the Education Student Services office prior to being allowed into your assigned classroom for Student Teaching!!! Not having documentation on file will cause you to be removed from your assignment!!!

1. Background check as required by the host school system. It is your responsibility to ensure this is done and a copy or confirmation letter sent to our office. Keep in mind that depending on the school system, this can take up to six weeks and cost $100 or more. Again, the student teacher assumes all costs and paperwork responsibilities with their host school. If the host school does not have a background check requirement, then a current background check from Safe Hiring Solutions is required. These average about $22,  but can be more depending upon locations where the student has previously resided. Please see Background Checks under the About Us tab for more information.

2. Student Membership in the National Education Association (NEA) provides members with liability coverage as included with the membership.  Student teachers are required to forward a copy of the NEA confirmation email to the Student Services Coordinator before the first day of Student Teaching. *NEA membership cards take a few weeks to receive so joining NEA online and then forwarding the email is the best bet! The national NEA membership includes Indiana state membership and HC Chapter (ISEA) membership and has several discounts and other bonuses for membership.  NEA Student Membership Application

3. Attendance at the Student Teacher Orientation is mandatory - you will be notified of the date and time that this session is held on campus. You should ensure that your Student Teacher Contact Form and Spicer Phillips Grant Application are on file by this meeting as well. 

4. Your schedule is based on the host school's calendar - you will need to make sure you have made the proper arrangements for housing during breaks or before standard check-in and check-out times via Student Life (if living on campus).

5. Student Teachers are required to attend ALL student teacher seminars unless you have received notice otherwise. These are aimed to provide a chance for discussion and feedback from each other in order to better prepare you for becoming a profession educator. This includes all urban placement student teachers (with the exception of student teachers at the Philadelphia Center and Wartburg West) as this is is a choice YOU have made. Under dire circumstances, contact your Supervisor for issues with this, as well as any other issues during Student Teaching. 

Student Teaching documents: Current documents for Student Teaching are found under the RESOURCES tab and choose Student Teaching or Mentor Teacher, as needed.