Educator Preparation Program

Decision Points

Hanover Teacher Education Program Decision Points

September 6, 2016

Decision Point 1

Application and Entry

  • Completion of EDU 221 Education and the American Culture with level one dispositions
  • 2.5 minimum GPA
  • Two recommendations from appropriate Hanover College professors
  • Successful essay per rubric
  • Clear judicial and SAAC record
  • Clear background check from Safe Hiring Solutions 
  • Passing scores on all sections of the Indiana CASA exam (alternate admission exam scores:1100+ SAT or 24+ ACT 
  • Interview with members of the Teacher Education Committee (TEC)

Decision Point 2

Student Teaching Readiness

  • 2.67 GPA minimum (both career and in major course of study)
  • Successful lesson series assignment/practice teaching
  • Level 2 practice teaching assessment
  • Level 2 portfolio
  • Level 2 mentor teacher feedback
  • Level 2 pre/post assignment
  • Level 2 dispositions from mid-level pedagogical courses
  • Successful interview with a team of the Education Department Faculty 
  • Proof of National Education Association (NEA) Student Membership for liability coverage in the schools
  • Clear background check as required by the host school corporation

Decision Point 3

Program Completion and Certification

  • Successful completion of Cross Cultural Experience requirement
  • Level 3 final evaluation from student teaching mentor and supervisor
  • Level 3 pre/post assignment
  • Level 3 capstone presentation and interview
  • Level 3 dispositions from upper level pedagogical course
  • CPR Certification via American Heart Association or American Red Cross
  • Suicide Prevention Training Certification - SPTS University https//:
  • Obtaining of undergraduate degree in an approved major
    (including required minor or special education certification for Elementary Education majors) 

Decision Point 4

Professional Licensing

  • Successful completion of the Indiana CORE exams in Pedagogy (either K-12 or 5-12 or P-12) and in the Content Area
  • Application for licensing by Indiana Professional Standards Board via LVIS Online System including proof of CPR and Suicide Prevention Training
  • Coding of License is completed by the Hanover College licensing advisors
  • The initial instructional license will be sent to the applicant via email and can also be accessed via the LVIS system. 
  • Out of state licensing will require additional state licensing exams and requirements by that particular state.
  • Teaching licenses require periodic renewals via a process determined by the state.
  • Expired licenses are more difficult to renew!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Non-program completers have a limit of one calendar year from graduation to complete all requirements, etc. for certification and licensing. After the one year deadline, additional coursework or licensing requirements will be reviewed upon formal request.The decision of the Education Program Faculty and Staff is final. Adopted and approved May 2012.