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Educator Preparation Program

Education Alumni Committee

The Education Alumni Committee is made up of a diverse group of Hanover College teachers- some retired, some areĀ  newly entering this profession. This committee is one of the stakeholder groups that gives the Program feedback and assistance in various ways. This committee is chaired by Jeff Studds, who will be enlisting new members as the Committee embarks on a new outreach as mentors for our seniors! If this is something that would interest YOU, please contact Cheryl Torline at torline@hanover.edu to get connected!

Charter Members of the Hanover College Education Alumni Committee

Mrs. Ellen M. Bates '12
Mrs. Ruth E. Cash '75
Mrs. Kala D. Cudjoe '06
Dr. James P. Fadely '75
Dr. Clark S. Ketterman '52
Mrs. Sylvia Ketterman '52
Mr. Robert D. Moorhead '87
Dr. Linda K. Morice '70
Dr. Suellen F. Reed '67
Mrs. Diane T. Rhodes '73
Ms. Julia A. Richter '65
Mrs. Paula K. Schweiger '92
Mr. Gil W. Speer '82
Mr. Jeff Studds 72
Dr. Susan Studds 72
Ms. Susan W. Sullivan '69