Why Choose Hanover College for Teacher Education?

Our Hanover College Teacher Education students pictured at Newby Hall



Glenda Ritz

State Superintendent of Public Instruction



Hanover College Education Program - where a community of teachers and learners prepare committed, competent, culturally responsive, and critically reflective new teachers. Classroom experience. Off-campus opportunities. Eye-opening challenges. Dedicated and knowledgeable faculty. All these pieces make for a teacher education program that will help you be prepared to be the teacher you want to be!

The Hanover College Education Department works in collaboration with many professionals in the field to ensure that our program completers are strong candidates for the jobs they seek. Teacher candidates from Hanover are not only specialists in their content areas, but well-prepared by their liberal arts background to be critical thinkers with excellent writing and speaking skills.

Class of 2016 Education Graduates

from left to right

Jessica Below, Avery James, Kasie Doherty, Ashley Malloy, Caitlin Perez, Morgan Cole, Caroline Dearborn, Ashlee Arbaugh, Willy Coy, Nicole Hoene,

Lauren Alexander, Ben Kugler, Alex Forward, Matthew Todd, Sara Clute Creasey, Paige McGuirk, Fredrick Tyler, Michelle Smith, Isaac Huntoon, Emma Willette, Amanda Hopkins

Faculty: Dr. Dustin Bailey and Dr. Deborah Hanson