Hanover College Homecoming is this Saturday!!! September 20th - come see us and help us honor ABBY TERRANOVA '10 as our 2014 Educator of the Year (presentation at 11:30am) in the EDU Tent right next to the ginormous Alumni Tent! Meet our new faculty. We would love to see our grads and former students!!!


More about why ABBY is an Exceptional Educator!




Hanover College and its Teacher Education Program welcomed examininers from Illinois, Missouri, West Virginia, Montana, Michigan, and Indiana on April 5, 6, 7, and 8 for an in depth look into the program for continued accreditation from the national organization referred to as NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education). All examiners are professors of education at their respective universities who volunteer their time to become extremely knowedgeable about the standards required for NCATE approval. Our visit went very well and we hope to learn the results in early fall. The education faculty would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all who agreed to be interviewed by the board of examiners - this includes Hanover College faculty, staff, administrators, and teacher candidates, as well as many of our cooperating school teachers and administrators, alumni, and others. The time you took out of your day on our behalf is greatly appreciated - thank you again- it is a pleasure to work with professionals like all of you! Going forward - we will be transitioning to CAEP accreditation. For more information visit http://caepnet.org/



What kind of educator do YOU plan to be?

Hanover College Education Program - where a community of teachers and learners prepare committed, competent, culturally responsive, and critically reflective new teachers. Classroom experience. Off-campus opportunities. Eye-opening challenges. Dedicated and knowledgeable faculty. All these pieces make for a teacher education program that will help you be prepared to be the teacher you want to be!

The Hanover College Education Department works in collaboration with many professionals in the field to ensure that our program completers are strong candidates for the jobs they seek. Teacher candidates from Hanover are not only specialists in their content areas, but well-prepared by their liberal arts background to be critical thinkers with excellent writing and speaking skills.