Educator Preparation Program
Standard for Success

standard for success logoStandard for Success is the data management system now used by the Hanover College Educator Preparation Program. The program began a pilot of the system beginning with Fall Term 2020 and the EPP formally adopted the system for Winter Term 2021. Education Students will be required to purchase a user subscription each academic year in order to submit and have their work scored, to store their Program documents, artifacts, assessments, and other critical pieces for their professional preparation to obtain teacher licensure. 

Applicants and admitted candidate must have the $100 annual subscription paid for by the end of Drop/Add week of the Fall term. If not paid, the student's account will be locked until the account is brought current. This means students would be unable to turn in assignments or apply to the program and other consequences of not having a current subscription. Please note that the grace period for the new Academic Year closes the last day of Drop Add...that is 9/3/2021 for 2021-2022 academic year. All accounts not paid by that date will then be locked by SFS.

Students with financial aid remaining in their student account may request a refund of the amount needed for Standard for Success as well as other requirements of the EPP like background checks, NEA membership, and Praxis entrance exams.

If any student experiences the financial inability to pay for this subscription, they should contact Cheryl Torline at torline@hanover.edu in order to request loan from the Panther Emergency Fund through the Chaplain's Office. This request is confidential. THE LOAN IS INTEREST FREE AND HAS FLEXIBLE REPAYMENT TERMS.

Any students who do not intend to become certified for teaching may file for a waiver of this requirement by completing the following form Non-education Student Waiver for Standard for Success Requirement  

Students may log in to their account and see the subscription status and pay from that screen. If you encounter any discrepancies or technical difficulties, please use the SFS HELP feature. They are great about responding promptly. Be sure you are not trying to log in to the K-12 site at sfs.com)

Log in here:


SFS login screenshotThe first visit, students will be required to create their password. Enter your Hanover College email address and click on
I DON'T KNOW MY PASSWORD. This will then allow the student to create their password using an email verification process. After that initial creation, students will log in to this same site using their HC email address and the password created. If you forget the password or it seems to not be working, use the I DON'T KNOW MY PASSWORD  link again. 

Standard for Success will lock your account after 3 failed attempts to log in within 10 minutes! If your account gets locked, Cheryl can unlock it during work hours or email support at help_he@standardforsuccess.com


The Education Student Services Coordinator has created a series of video tutorials available on You Tube by clicking on the menu at the left of this page, Save time and be guided through requirements such as completing the fields of your student profile, application to the program, uploading required forms and artifacts, as well as other things required by the EPP.

For any technical issues, please use the SUPPORT CENTER tab in Standard for Success or email Support:   help_he@standardforsuccess.com

Help Document 1
Adding An Artifact in Standard For Success

Help Document 2
Uploading Required Documents in Decision Point Checklists


You Tube Channel for Hanover College Educator Preparation Program